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RCHRP Class Resources

for your broadened service delivery 

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  • Harm Reduction Works meetings - see their readings & digital meetings calendar; all are welcome to meetings labeled ‘Open’




  • Racism of the Well-Intended: Examining Privilege & Power (video) feat. Jim Wuelfing & Art Woodard



  • Fighting for Space by Travis Lupick (story of how drug user unions took power back in Vancouver, helped to create/legalize low-income housing & the nation’s first Safe Injection Facility

  • Dr. Carl Hart Books (researcher/Columbia professor/author/person who uses drugs - challenges normative thinking about drugs/drug use)




  • 2017 National Recovery Study - demonstrates that a high percentage of people in the U.S. use substances and identify as ‘in recovery’ (John Kelly et al)

  • Changing the Narrative - resource for changing the way drug/addiction/recovery issues are represented in the news media

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